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Bush Tales Blog…OMG is spring finally here?

It’s April 5th and we still have snow on the ground, but the weather is looking promising this week. I hope you all have a great Easter Weekend with your loved ones!

Update on our building; it is insulated, drywalled and painted yay! We are working on installing light fixtures and installing plumbing for our next phase, our goal is by the July retreat it should be pretty darn close. Will just have to worry about heating and flooring, but that is a later problem. We will also continue work on our outdoor gazebo at our new camping area & getting grass growing also.

Drumroll please, I am so excited to finally release our summer schedule! Our 4 Directions Women & 2 Spirit Retreat is scheduled for July 29th & 30th and I am so happy that Dr Diana Steinhauer has agreed to bless us with a water ceremony, Diana is very humble, she is not only a scholar but gifted with an abundance of traditional Indigenous knowledge and practices. Diana will also be imparting some teachings on traditional roles of Indigenous women. As the weeks go on, I will share a bit about each of the awesome providers at our retreat.

We have a tentative date of July 8th to do a plant walk and discussion around plant preparation.

On August 26th we will also have a traditional Indigenous herbalist Daphie Pooyak imparting her wisdom on medicinal plants including protocols and teachings.

I have dates open for Day & Weekend Packages this summer and will be adding them to our website. If there is something that you would like that we don’t have listed, please get in touch and I can see if we can accommodate.

Our camping area will be set up during the May Long Weekend we will be setting up our 2 Tipi’s, 2 Trapper’s Tents and Stargazer Bell Tent. Along with moving over our picnic tables and portable hand wash station and portapotties. It will be available for rent after then for select weekend dates or day use activities/packages.

Oh yes we will also be letting our regular garden rest this year, but we are beginning to design our Traditional Medicine Garden areas. If you have any plant ideas pass them along. So much work to do, so little time…

With that, see you on the trail 🐇🫣

Bunny & Oscar aka Karen & Rob

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