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Bush Tales Blog ... Me Again

Wow time flies, it’s April 8th and it has been a whirlwind the past year. Just wanted to pop in

and give an update on what we have been up too lately. Oh my gosh, spring has finally arrived and so have the birds... they sound so good, maybe not the magpies.

We are nearly completed our multi-purpose building just finishing plumbing and water

installation and we will start programming during the fall and winter of 2024-25 in our new

building, Indigenous crafts and cree language workshops and hiking along with Massage Therapy. Open House in the fall if all goes well.

Our outdoor gazebo/camping area will be getting solar power installed this summer along

with a cabin that we hope to begin construction on soon, very exciting. So, we will have our stargazer belle tent up at the end of May along with cabin available for rent shortly there after if you are looking for a getaway or want to plan an experience during your stay (ie. bannock on a stick, bounty of the land, survival skills, metis dance). You can also bring your tent, rv if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy nature.

We have decided to cancel our 4 Directions Women & 2S Retreat this year as we are

building a house and just don’t have the time to commit to this as it takes a lot of preparation and planning, but it will be back for 2025.

On May 25th we are planning a day for a nature and plant walk to explore what is on the

land and some traditional uses, watch for details to come.

On August 31st we are looking to host a Metis Discovery Day/Weekend, haven't fully decided ... with music, storytelling, and everything Metis. Keep posted for this event also.

I will be opening up dates to book Day & Weekend Packages this summer and will add to

our website. If there is something that you would like that we don’t have listed, please get in


Our traditional medicine garden has been started and we will continue to build on it this year. Oh ...and we also have obtained accreditation as an Original Original tourism business through Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, which we are proud of!

See you on the trail

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